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  Parkrun has been one of the social phenomena of the 21st century. Starting with a few mates, looking to escape marathon madness with a shorter run, it has graduated from a dozen participants in a west London park in 2004, to hundreds of 5k runs every Saturday morning (at 9am) at parks throughout the […]

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  I went to an IAAF press conference yesterday, for the first time in a long time. How things change! IAAF press conferences were always pretty lively affairs, due entirely to the tough questions thrown by the likes of me and the other Fleet Street ferrets (as Sports Illustrated alumnus Kenny Moore used to call […]

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It is a measure of how much long distance running has jogged its way into public consciousness over recent decades that the BBC Radio 4 national news on Saturday morning culminated – admittedly in a spot reserved for amusing items – with news that the organisers of the south coast of England race, the Brighton […]

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