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The Greatest?

Nineteen years ago, a skinny 15 year old did what millions of country kids over the centuries have done. Haile Gebrselassie went up to the big city, to seek his fortune…

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Ecce Homo

It was a tiny gesture, but it spoke volumes. Two years ago, an already frail and forgetful Emil Zatopek was introduced to the wife of a visitor to the Prague Marathon, of which Zatopek was patron. Prompted by his still vibrant wife, Dana – herself an Olympic gold medallist – Zatopek rose unsteadily from his […]

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Granny Butcher

Whenever the issue of pub opening hours in the UK arises – as it is due to do today, with a new Home Office initiative on exending licensing laws – I am reminded of my long-departed Granny Butcher. A Black Country working woman to the roots of her vulgar tongue and dirty fingernails, my grandmother […]

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